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(2018-03-12, 13:31)sausageman Wrote:
(2018-03-05, 13:40)sausageman Wrote: I currently have an HP Microserver N54L which has 10TB of storage, a graphics card with HDMI out and an internal DVB-T2 tv card. I use Libreelec, and can dual boot into Windows Server 2011 if needed for file management. This all plugs into an Onkyo 609 av receiver.

Is there much benefit to be had to updating any of my hardware? I want to keep using my storage and a tv input, but it isn't the most user friendly for babysitters etc. Smile

I feel like it is a bit out of date, but it does a good job for what it is. Are there any features I'm missing out on?
 Any advice on whether it is worth upgrading, and the best way to do it, would be greatly appreciated. Smile 
 It depends what you want.

If your setup is playing well with the media you want to watch, then "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

If you want to move to 4K/HDR/10bit/HEVC then in the absence of details of your video card, it is hard to say what results you will get from your existing setup cf a new player.

If you need a more powerful viewing device (ie the HP is not cutting it with the media you want to watch) I would keep the HP microserver (great compact, cool, quiet kit) as your media server/PVR backend and get, say, a Vero 4K if you want to increase your viewing power.
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