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(2018-03-23, 16:00)netaccs Wrote: Anyway can you suggest me another device?
Before GT1 I have popcorn hour a110 which works perfect perfect. Just got old and no kodi support.
If you value picture output quality in powerful new hardware....
(would make a great companion device to a 4K HDR AMLogic S912 LibreELEC Kodi or Vero 4K setup)

Apple TV 4K = superior Apps support vs anything I've seen on Android TV. Excellent tvOS Firmware features for Frame rate matching and dynamic range matching for smooth video playback with correct color outputs. AND (this is really important) most tvOS Apps developers actually support these features. Set and forget setup.
Great picture output and upscaling. Fast device.
You use MrMC, a highly modded Kodi Jarvis for local networked video playback. You cannot add your own Skins or Addons to those that come pre-packaged. The App is nicely improving all the time in the hands of very experienced ex-Kodi developers. Plays anything you throw at it inc. 1080p Hi10P Anime. tvOS ATV 4K remote control integration is really slick. Smile
A Plex Skin is currently being added. I'm expecting more Skins to follow.
Apple tvOS Firmware updates and bug fixes running bi-monthly at the moment. Great support from Apple.

Downsides = no Atmos or DTS:X audio passthrough. All 7.1 HD audio decoded to lossless 7.1 LPCM for no loss in audio quality - you lose 3D Atmos metadata when this happens.
1080p YouTube only as well.
You cannot easily install a bug busted, stable version of Kodi Krypton - that's what a 4K HDR, Atmos capable AML S905X / S912 - LE / OSMC box is for.

** If you are a demanding user with a high quality large display and value high picture quality with the correct autoswitching & colorspace and bit depth outputs. Do NOT buy a NVIDIA Shield.

See the following thread for more details:

Auto frame rate switching & dynamic range matching - 4K (HDR10) capable Hardware (click)

The biggest mistake people make is trying to do everything with only the one media player - you simply end up with too many compromises.
The closest, Plug N Play - all in one box I've seen so far is the Apple TV 4K.


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