START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)

I apologize for yet another question but I really want someone's advice who is keen on keeping up with these boxes.

1. Android TV OS (even if by 3rd party so long it actually works)
2. PIA VPN + per app control with official app (I can't do whole house VPN on the router).
3. USB ports (any type would do)
4. Works with other wireless mice (currently on the F10 Deluxe and I like it but might replace it with A2 lite)
5. A snappy box is a plus (optional, but would love the S912)
6. Android TV Netflix app 1080p+
7. Android TV YouTube app 1080p+
8. Kodi and or Plex app support
9. PQ better than the SHIELD TV (the only real reason I want to leave the shield)
10. Ethernet port
11. HDMI-CEC (this works great on the shield)(optional)
12. And if possible 1:1 overscan settings (shield has this). (optional)

I want a S912 box with 4K support just in case I get a new 4K TV any day, but I guess this is also optional. Thanks for any thoughts please.

EDIT: I came back to shorten and edit my original post because I felt bad that is was so disorganized and long. I'm not looking for an everything box because I don't care what sound and video codecs it can play, or if it can do HDR etc. So really my needs are smart TV basics. I'm coming from the SHIELD TV 2015 that has very disappointing PQ (but it even streams 2160p youtube to my 1080p TV, which surprised me).

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