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(2018-04-02, 01:49)wrxtasy Wrote: Have a read of the following:

Apple TV 4K vs LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on a MINIX U9-H (click)

You are not going to get Android TV Oreo unless you stick with the Shield or the Mi Box - it's definitely coming this year.
And if you want ATV Oreo in a fast box, the Shield is the only answer.

Trying to do everything all in the one device will lead to compromises and that is where the troubles start.
I'm pretty happy now using both devices. Apps on the ATV 4K and LE Kodi Krypton on various AMLogic S9xx LibreELEC boxes. Smile
 I updated my earlier post because I felt bad for it being insanely long. Yeah not looking for an everything box, just a really good Youtube, Netflix and Kodi or Plex box with a few basic features like overscan adjustment or CEC etc. After reading everything to the point of damaging my eyes, lol I am guessing either the M8S or the MINIX with 3rd part TV OS would be best. I especially like that you can't see a difference between ATV4K & MINIX U9 PQ. That was surprising to me. If I get a good feel for JJ-Qwiks TV OS rom I might just pull the trigger on the U9. Thanks.

One last question, is the M8S Pro a bad device for some reason I can't seem to discover? DDR4, Widevine Level 1, ATV etc, almost seems to good to be true.

EDIT: OK, I will get the U9-H and hope the Android TV OS works out for me. Thanks wrxtasy, I am surprised you are still at this as long as I have seen you around.

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