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(2018-04-02, 11:12)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-04-02, 06:51)SkOrPn Wrote: One last question, is the M8S Pro a bad device for some reason I can't seem to discover? DDR4, Widevine Level 1, ATV etc, almost seems to good to be true.
Not that I'm aware of. Seems a decent device these days.
Just be aware there is No 4K Netflix on boxes with unofficial Android TV devices - you do get 4K YouTube if you manually resolution switch in Android settings before hand.

The only S912 box I know of with L1 DRM and HDCP 1.x plus a Gigabit ethernet port is the MINIX U9. Gigabit is needed for skipping around high bitrate 4K video.

I think nearly all the very recent MECOOL S905X / S905D / S912 devices are running an unofficial manufacturer supplied Nougat - Android TV out of the box these days, if not there are plenty of decent AMLogic ATV ROM's on the Freaktab website you can easily flash with the simple inbuilt Update App.

Freaktab is the Website to go to keep up to date on those sort of AML Android (TV) devices.

@Verdana, I'm not really up with Kodi Addons on various devices. It's simply too hard to keep abreast of these things.
I do believe Milkdrop might be a Windows only Visualisation.

Users really have to ask in hardware threads before purchase to be 100% sure. 
The VERO 4K Team are great support and help, but i really needed visualisation, so i returned it.

I will be getting a nvidia 1030 and intel processor and win 10 so I am able to do everything with my box and have no limitation whatsoever.

I wanted to give back to the community, I tried a new remote last week, the DoCooler H1 Fly Air Remote. Here is the aliexpress link :

It's great, keyboard that becomes a touchpad, air mouse that you can disable, very accurate, nice touch press, Really recommend it over the minix. Also, it has IR Learning, so I can ditch CEC and use one remote instead.


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