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(2018-04-03, 10:42)JohnWB Wrote: i am thinking of getting an Apple TV 4K and was wondering how MrMC compares to LibreELEC (on a Wetek Play2) for playing video files from a NAS box regaring picture quality and HD Audio.

I have Marantz 7010 receiver which plays any HD Audio.
ATV 4K is a 4K HDR 10/12bit video - capable media player that can decode 7.1 HD audio to 7.1 LPCM for no loss in audio quality when using the MrMC or Infuse Apps. It has no auto 1080p <<-->> 4K resolution switching but does not really need it due to above average 1080p > 4K picture upscaling.

AML S905's like the WeTek Play2 is a 4K SDR 8bit video - capable media player that can do HD Audio passthrough, inc. Atmos and DTS:X if you use @kszaq LE Krypton releases.
It can also do auto 1080p <<-->> 4K resolution switching when running LibreELEC Kodi to let your 4K TV upscale all 1080p content.

If you have a 10bit 4K display and playback 10bit 4K content then the ATV 4K will have a superior picture outputs with little to no color banding due to it's 10bit color depth capabilities. This sometimes is really dependent on the 4K display used and it's picture processing capabilities to.

However you do get to use a full blown Kodi Krypton with the WeTek Play2, with the ability to install extra community Skins and Addons, basically the full monty regular Kodi Krypton we are all used to. Plus there is the Play2 TV tuner option if that whet's your whistle.

Apart from that I doubt you would see any picture differences when viewing regular 8bit SDR video content on either platform. Both are great.

Really it depends if you need to use a full blown SDR Kodi Krypton or a 4K HDR media player. More ATV 4K info in the following post:

Apple TV 4K with MrMC (highly modded Kodi Jarvis):


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