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(2018-04-10, 00:50)Knocks Wrote: I've been using OSMC Vero 4K for a couple months and will probably be putting it on eBay and switching to another device.  While Vero 4K was a big improvement over my first-generation FireTV (no more frame rate stutter during panning scenes), the significant downsides keep me looking for a replacement.  My main complaints are weak Wifi performance and hit-or-miss support of portable USB 3.0 drives due to the device having USB 2.0 ports.  I will be looking for a replacement device with USB 3.0 or preferably 3.1/Thunderbolt ports and strong Wifi hardware (perhaps an external antenna?)
(2018-04-10, 01:06)wrxtasy Wrote: Out of interest what do you need the USB 3.x / Thunderbolt data transfer rates for ?
Are there issues with 2.5" USB 3 HDD's when using a USB2 port ?

Are you having power problems with multiple drives connected ?
Some background:

In short, we tried to help re. HDD. User didn't provide any information for us to diagnose if the issue was power related. The only symptom reported is 'clicking noises' currently.
I'd be surprised if Knocks has power issues with a single drive. Unfortunately we can only speculate. Uploading a set of logs via My OSMC and sending the URL would've likely given clues; as usually we see frequent disconnects if there is a power issue. I've sourced the same drive locally for testing. We haven't had reports of issues powering a single drive, but @wrxtasy is right in his observation that powering multiple drives without a powered hub can be problematic. 

I can't see a post or support request by the user regarding WiFi issues, so we haven't provided any suggestions regarding this situation.

I've pinged the customer and hope that we can help resolve the issues they have reported. I am also confident we can resolve any WiFi issues they are experiencing. We do however need more information to proceed when things cool down.

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