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(2018-04-16, 08:34)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-04-15, 20:55)fuzzy3000 Wrote: I sadly need to change my RPis for something new, since they cant play h265 or 10bit stuff.
So what would be the solid/best value Option for h265, 10bit, dts-audio and hdr (4k is not a MUST, but would be kinda futureproof)..

Smile Thank you.
Yes ultimately nothing beats hardware decoding of compressed video, anything else is a workaround and will eventually lead to problems.

Any AMLogic S905X box running LibreELEC will give you what you want, but if you want to pay a bit extra you can get a snappier S912 device...         
Thank you wrxtasy! You're the man!

I think i'll go for a snappier S912 device then.

- Does 3GB make a difference VS 2GB RAM?

- Can I Install LibreELEC directly on the internal storage, or do i have to use a SD-Card?

- I don't need a remote, the Phone-App was always enough for me

- I don't need Netflix since i could use my PC for that, if necessary

- I don't think I need Dual-Boot, the Only advantage I could see is, if I was able to Cast to it (dunno if it can do that anyways, I have a Chromecast on every TV, but it's kinda slow), or did I miss a cool feature?

What would be the go to / or a cheap device you would recommend with built-in Gigabit-LAN?

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