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(2018-04-22, 19:03)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-04-22, 14:48)New York Wrote: Hello, I am considering replacing my current android tv box.

I think that the ideal replacement would be an android tv box fulfilling the following criteria:

A specific requirement: Correct playback of 1080p h264 Hi10P... Hi10P support seems very rare (non-existent?) among android tv boxes.
- 4K support
- auto frame-rate switching
- (video) format support pretty much the best possible
- good audio support
Please see the following thread:

Auto frame rate switching & dynamic range matching - 4K (HDR10) capable Hardware (click)

BTW.. the MINIX U9 now software decodes and plays up to 1080p 11Mbps 10bit h264 aka H10P Anime (I've personally tested it) but you have to use LibreELEC Kodi Krypton, the Subtitles fixed, GPU overclocked release. 
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

Hmm... it seems like tv boxes right now might just barely live up to the requirements. (Take for example Minix U9 you mention, which needs to be customized with a tailored OS and even then has some limitations (11Mbps) ).
So I'm leaning towards waiting 1-2 years and see how tv boxes develop, how much performance increases and so.
Do you have any thoughts on that? Could there be any point in waiting a year in hope for better tv boxes to be released?

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