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(2018-04-27, 06:30)New York Wrote: Hmm... it seems like tv boxes right now might just barely live up to the requirements. (Take for example Minix U9 you mention, which needs to be customized with a tailored OS and even then has some limitations (11Mbps) ).
So I'm leaning towards waiting 1-2 years and see how tv boxes develop, how much performance increases and so.
Do you have any thoughts on that? Could there be any point in waiting a year in hope for better tv boxes to be released?
10bit H264 aka Anime is not even a mainstream "requirement" so there is next to no support for that non standard Anime "Scene" video hardware decoding.
These days 10bit H264 has been surpassed by 10bit HEVC video compression anyway.

As for TV boxes development - the A10X Fusion that is under the hood of the ATV 4K is particularly impressive for an ARM based SoC.
The iPhone X's even more powerful, heterogeneous computing capable, Apple A11 Bionic would slot in easily into any future Apple TV upgrade with it's mobile Intel i series level of performance.

Modern, powerful ARM based SoC's (Shield, Apple TV 4K, AMLogic S912's) are more than capable of handling anything you throw at them provided you have great Firmware and media playback software support. This is an essential ingredient - and the much needed API's to enable programming support for various hardware features which are currently lacking in various Operating Systems, especially Android.

Properly engineered thermal control is now becoming important with these much more powerful ARM SoC's.

They are fast enough day to day media players as it is.

The next round of hardware decoding support needed, will be for the Open Source AV1 (click) video compression standard.

Do you want to buy hardware now or wait till the AV1 compression standard is implemented ?
When do you jump on the hardware media player cycle ?

For example if I were NVIDIA with a possible Next Gen. Shield hardware refresh in the pipe, AV1 would be the next logical hardware refresh cycle.


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