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I've been reading this and other threads and trying to absorb as much info as possible, but I figured I would still ask for advice instead of having regrets later. I'm looking to move on from my old i5 Intel NUC. I need proper HDMI 2.0a (at least) support and even though I bought one of those powered adapters for the DP I could never get 4k at 60 fps. I'm running Windows 10 and I'm tired of the resolution switching to 1024 x 768 every time I switch inputs. I do like running Aeon Mq7, but if I have to sacrifice it for superior video performance, then so be it. Here's the list of my requirements:

- At least HDMI 2.0a and HDR10 support.
- Support for 2160p remux Blurays (my NUC can't play these at all).
- Support for 10bit anime.
- Must be able to edit advancedsetting.xml. I have some custom regex I use, particularly for anime. I'm not sure how easy or hard this is on the Android boxes, but not being able to do it is a deal breaker.
- Atmos would be nice, but currently I only have a 5.1 system. HD codec support is a must. I should mention I have a HDCP 2.2 compatible receiver (Denon X6200W).
- I'm thinking my TV (Samsung KS9000) will do a better job upscaling 1080p content than most of these boxes, so auto resolution switching would be nice.
- I'm only interested in playing media from my NAS, so I'm thinking a Gigabit ethernet is also a must.
- Netflix would be a nice to have, but I currently just use my TV's app, so not a deal breaker.
- Don't care about too many add-ons (except subtitles) and PVR or live TV.
- Decent remote and compatibility with either my TV's remote or a universal IR one is a plus.
- My TV doesn't even support 3D, so that's not a concern.

Budget is no object, I just want the best box for my needs. If the best is a newer NUC instead of an Android box, then so be it (but I've read they have many issues as well). Also I'm not in a huge hurry, so If a box that ticks all these boxes is about to come out, I can wait.

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