START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
I am choosing a replacement for WDTV Live (with brad's wdlxtv custom firmware installed).
What i have:
- Synology NAS for smb/nfs sharing, no Plex or other transcoding. No local USB drives attached to player, all over network.
- Denon 1909 AV receiver, hdmi 1.3 inputs, hdmi cec support, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD/Master Audio support
- Panasonic 50GT60 Plasma
- tons of avi/mkv/divx/xvid/h.264/mpg/ts/Video_TS(DVD folder structure) content. No 4K, HDR yet. All content 480/720/1080

What I need:
- Easy of use for all familiy members from childrens to grandma
- Best picture quality, autoframerate, colorspacing and so on
- Media library like in wdtv - last seen/recent list of last 50 movies. Saved Resume point of each of this viewed movies.
- Standard folder view
- ethernet preferred, wifi optional.
- No need of live tv, netflix, amazon and other apps. No 3D. Pure mediaplayer without bells and whistles. Youtube addon can be optional, but not critical if not applicable.
- h.265/hevc can be optional for future proof

Please suggest me, what of boxes are most compatible with my needs? I have read first post, but there are so much options availiable...
I am choosing between RPi3, Vero 4K, Minix U1/U9, Mibox.
As I understand RPi3 should be the cheapest option. Vero 4K is maybe the best option, but a little overkill in price and functions?
Minix and Mibox are not already Libreelec from the Box - it means, that I need to reinstall these devices with Libreelec/Kodi? But they are more expensive that RPi3. Are they also better in hw?
What about some ready LE box from ali? for example some Acemax?
I didnt understand - are there LE(or OSMC)/Kodi ready from the box devices except Vero 4K or all others should be reinstalled with right LE build?

Or maybe i missed something and need to inspect some other options?
Thank You!

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