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(2018-05-18, 15:23)filden Wrote: Hi,
I am choosing a replacement for WDTV Live (with brad's wdlxtv custom firmware installed).
What i have:
- Synology NAS for smb/nfs sharing, no Plex or other transcoding. No local USB drives attached to player, all over network.
- Denon 1909 AV receiver, hdmi 1.3 inputs, hdmi cec support, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD/Master Audio support
- Panasonic 50GT60 Plasma
- tons of avi/mkv/divx/xvid/h.264/mpg/ts/Video_TS(DVD folder structure) content. No 4K, HDR yet. All content 480/720/1080
So you only need a media player for up 8/10 bit 1080p HEVC decoding - that being all SDR content at the moment.

Quote:What I need:
- Easy of use for all familiy members from childrens to grandma
- Best picture quality, autoframerate, colorspacing and so on
- Media library like in wdtv - last seen/recent list of last 50 movies. Saved Resume point of each of this viewed movies.
- Standard folder view
- ethernet preferred, wifi optional.
- No need of live tv, netflix, amazon and other apps. No 3D. Pure mediaplayer without bells and whistles. Youtube addon can be optional, but not critical if not applicable.
- h.265/hevc can be optional for future proof

Easy of use for family members = a Wireless remote, so no missed button pressing, no need to point the damn remote directly at the media player either.

Please have a read of simple install LibreELEC U1 install instructions from Step (d)....

AMLogic S905(x) - LibreELEC / OSMC - Kodi Krypton - 4K Options (click)

If you can use a PC, you can install LibreELEC Kodi Krypton by following some simple instructions from the above link. It really is not that hard.

You can configure Kodi anyway you like to display whatever views are required.
Kodi's - Videos > File > pick your added file share >> Presents a standard folder view - ordered anyway you like.

But Kodi is much richer when Metadata is attached to files via scraping from various online Databases.

Any of the AMLogic S9xx boxes will do what you need, especially for 8/10bit 1080p HEVC.
The more expensive the hardware, the better quality you end up with.
Particularly when it comes to ease of turning the devices Off / On with the wireless remote and especially the heatsinks used for cooling the chipset.


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