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(2018-05-26, 04:00)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-05-25, 21:47)venividivici Wrote: Could I expect the Minix U9-H to perform as well as my Asus Chromebox? Any other (better) suggestions?
I believe it will, especially if you copy LE's data partition to internal eMMC flash storage, give it a wee GPU Overclock tickle and use a wireless remote like the MINIX A2 lite. All easily done.
My LE U9 is nice and snappy with Kodi's Estuary skin with that combo.

Be aware Android MINIX users have been reporting mini wake from sleep issues with the newer A3 lite remote. No problems with the older A2 lite, which is what I use.

Intel hardware will give you better Software upscaling picture output quality of 480/720p >>> 1080p content vs LE running on AMLogic hardware.
You cannot use Lanczos3-optimised upscaling for example on AMLogic hardware.  
Thanks wrxtasy. That's very helpful.

Since I have quite a few 480/720p videos, I'm wondering if I should consider an Intel-based box. Within my budget, I could get a used Asus Chromebox like the one I have. Is that the way to go, or is there another Intel box I should consider? The Chromebox2 is over $200.

Insofar as remotes, I've been happy with the MX3 remote I use with my Chromebox. Are there advantages to the A2 lite that I should consider it instead?

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