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(2018-08-06, 14:41)quorn23 Wrote: Hi guys, 
I read through the thread and the interweb and i'm still unsure what NUC would be the "golden one" for me. I hope you guys have a few pointers for me on hardware to check out.
I currently use two RPi3 as my media streaming boxes, they both connect to a database (SQL) on a synology nas which is being updated with a headless kodi (via docker image in the NAS).
On the RPi3 i have the latest Libreelec installed, using the Aeon MQ7 Skin. The RPi3s are for my taste way too slow, meaning browsing through the menus and movie list etc is just not satisfying. 
I don't know if that matters, but my database grew quiet a bit, currently 2k+ movies and over 10k tv episodes.
One is hooked up to a Samsung TV, directly via HDMI, the other one to a HDMI Switch (to a beamer) that has an optical out to the Receiver (and older one, but i didn't had any issues playing sound yet)
My files are 1080p, with a very few 3D movies. So let me try to sort my requirements:

- Fast Menu/Browsing with resource intense skins
- Audio in a way that i can watch everything hooked up on the tv with hdmi
- Wake on Lan / Powerbutton (RPi3 doesn't support WOL)
- No Android (Pre RPis i had android boxes, i'm a Nexus/Pixel person, i don't like to wait forever for Android Updates)
- No Apple, simply as i don't have any other Apple devices, would only make sense if i have an existing Apple Environment
- Intel, best if i can use something like Libreelec, as besides my gaming pc my network is *unix based, which i would prefer over a Window installation if avoidable. 
- Silent and small, a NUC Wink (I prefer passive cooling over a tiny annoying fan)
- Edit: Oh and i'm using my TV remote with CEC to control Kodi, not really sure if that is depending on which Kodi build or not

My price range is lets say 100-200$. I don't plan to upgrade to 4K soon,  i rather have a solid solution that always me to scroll through my movies stress free and not annoyingly lag-ish as i currently experience.
(In no means i think the RPi3 is a bad device, i love these little boxes, my needs just have grown) 

I would very much appreciate some pointers to Intel Nucs to check out, thanks very much for reading.

Any nuc with libreelec, with 2-4 gb of ram an SSD, will do for your needs (not the latest ones with 4005 and 5005 because libreelec wont work with them) cant comment on hdmi cec since i dont use it

Nucs are silent and fast with libreelec dont worry if they are not passive, you wont hear them Smile (i am very sensitive on this subject).
What you will buy depends only on your budget

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