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(2018-08-06, 17:26)solamnic Wrote: Any nuc with libreelec, with 2-4 gb of ram an SSD, will do for your needs (not the latest ones with 4005 and 5005 because libreelec wont work with them) cant comment on hdmi cec since i dont use it

Nucs are silent and fast with libreelec dont worry if they are not passive, you wont hear them Smile (i am very sensitive on this subject).
What you will buy depends only on your budget 
Thanks, it looks like i'm going with the Intel NUC7PJYH it has a 5005, as Libreelec 9 Alpha works with it and we're not too far away from a new Kodi release.
(2018-08-06, 17:45)noggin Wrote: I don't think any NUCs have internal CEC support as standard.  However some have an internal header that connects to the CEC pins on their HDMI connector that will allow a Pulse Eight internal module to be used to add that functionality.  Otherwise you can use an external PulseEight adaptor that has HDMI passthrough and USB control.  However they aren't cheap, and Pulse Eight seem to have gone quite quiet about this aspect of their business for a while now?

In general x86/Intel solutions don't have integrated CEC - that's much more common on AMLogic, Raspberry Pi etc. ARM platforms.
Looks like a few of the Intel Nuc have at least a power on/off via CEC support, but thanks for the PulseEight hint, might either get one of these or look into remote controls (I can control Kodi via Yatse, but in the evening in bed i prefer a single remote) i changed the keymappings for my remote to my needs, assuming that will work with Pulse Eight as well, need to read into it first. 
(2018-08-07, 03:00)wrxtasy Wrote: ...But you can only use a limited number of inbuilt Skins (not Aeon MQ7)....

In the AMLogic range, the S912 Gigabit equipped MINIX U9 would be the fastest, followed very closely by the Gigabit (S905D) Vero 4K+
Both running LibreELEC or OSMC Kodi from eMMC storage, and both using Wireless remotes which make a hell of a difference to Kodi responsiveness. (CEC control has too much lag by comparison)

The S912's will only be able to run a Linux based OS, like LibreELEC up to Kodi v18 Leia due to the GPU video driver used and major Kodi rendering changes occurring within Kodi v19 M.

No doubt the hardware itself is powerful, the mentioned limitations are a no go for me personally. I don't mind Apple devices, the restrictions i do.

Thanks for the detailed explanation for the pro/cons of these devices. The hint for the EOL of these devices is a good info, as i heard good things about the U9 for example, but as support for the 5005 is upcoming i feel like this is the direction i'm heading.

Thank you guys overall for the insight and the with info spiked tips and hints. Very appreciated

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