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(2018-08-11, 14:04)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-08-11, 10:41)Shasarak Wrote: I don't necessarily mind manually changing output resolution if it doesn't require too many button presses; but I doubt that its upscaling is as good as my Lumagen RadiancePro video processor, so the ability to output 1080p at native resolution is important.
I doubt it as good either but this is a $100-$150 media player we are talking about here.
When I said that, I wasn't saying I expect a $100 device to have Lumagen-level upscaling quality, I was simply pointing out why I need a media player that is capable of outputting video *without* upscaling: unless the upscaling is actually Lumagen-grade, if the player insists on upscaling everything itself, that represents a compromise in image quality for me - so the fact that a particular media player upscales relatively well is not enough to justify it being unable to output at native res (if it can't).

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