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Somewhat confused on this topic in terms of what to buy (given that’s the Threads title is).

There is an overwhelming amount of information here and just as I thought I know what I am going to buy I read something else...

I was going to buy the new AFtV box but I believe that doesn’t support 4K from Kodi albeit it does it’s 4K for Amazon and Netflix so time to rethink - correct me if I am wrong.

My movie repository contains just about every standard format in HD but now I’m about to jump into 4K , UHD stuff so need to get this right.

Am I correct in thinking that I should steer clear of an Android build even with the S912 chip ? I’ve seen a few that purport to support 4K so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be an option...

This kind of thing :

DroidBOX T95Z Plus Android 7.1 Amlogic S912 Octa Core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Mini Computer Support 4K Resolution 2.4G/5G Dual WIFI 1000M T95Z LAN BT 4.0 [2/16-IR]

So switching to look at the Vero4k+ it’s a bit pricier and runs OSMC which I think is fine but I noticed that on the 4K earlier model it didn’t support DolbyVision ..does the + model now support that?

Also what’s the impact of streaming something in DolbyVision on a 4K if it doesn’t support it ...assume it plays it but does something with the signal to show?

Lots of questions but would appreciate any help here before I buy ...

Thanks in advance...

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