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I've seen a couple mentions on this, but nothing solid: do you know if the auto-colorspace issues with the Shield are really solved since the update to Oreo?
You need to do some self reading like these threads....

Why is 4K (Shield) image quality bad ? (click)


Color space issue – Shield Experience 7.0

and finally....

Disable upscaling in Nvidia Shield? (4K/UHD)

By comparison in real world viewing situations, I've struggled to find people complaining about Apple TV 4K color outputs or picture quality.

There is also another very interesting thread over on the Vero 4K forums regarding dodgy mastering of specific 4K HDR Blurays from film studios where the display luminance is not set correctly, and media player workarounds have to be implemented:

HDR too dark on LG OLED - Vero 4K / Vero 4K + - OSMC Forums (click)

I suspect this is why Apple are doing HDR10 Metadata re-mapping and achieving pretty good results in the real world when using Apps like MrMC and Infuse.

The NVIDIA Shield might be a pretty flexible media player, but picture quality and picture upscaling are not it's strengths, even with Oreo.

I would wait till we see what tvOS 12 on the ATV4K brings to the table with it's incoming Atmos audio support on the 13th Sep.

The S905D AMLogic boxes come with Gigabit Ethernet. It's what the new Vero 4K+ is sporting under the hood !

Cheap S912 boxes with GigaE are the Tanix TX92 / Vorke Z6, Belink GT1 series, H96 Pro+ etc.
Just use a quality Wireless remote like the MINIX A2 lite with them.
You would need to open the cheap S912's up and do a minor mod on the heatsink with a tiny blob of Thermal Silver paste if you want those thermally stable long term.


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