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We are monthly payers of cable TV, subscription (legal paid physical cable) service that has some streaming and Video on Demand.
Thru I've been doing the streaming and VOD over Win8 and Win10 via Chrome, IE, and Edge which all require Adobe Flashplayer to work on our computers.

We have our older 4k TV (that has built in Netflix and Amazon, Pluto TV, etc that work great so no need for hardware for that, yet no app for our subscription cable TV) on a Win 8 laptop that is having FPS issues with streaming, hence I'm looking at a replacement.
If I cant do Adobe Flashplayer for the VOD and live stream of channels of my subscription, theres not much reason (legal) for me to look at this Kodi route.

I'm hoping I can do a legal cheaper hardware solution alternative, rather than spend $300-400 on a new laptop to stream our current legal subscription channels and VOD.

If this needs to be posted elsewhere in software support, please guide me there. My gut instinct is that the foundation of Adobe Flash will be hardware as it appears some hardware has browser problems. And if the browser fight is won, will it have Adobe Flash Player support.

Hoping someone can with cable TV can tell me what the best Kodi solution they have.

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