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(2018-11-01, 09:29)ilgrank Wrote: What I do need for CEC is the bare minimum to use kodi menus (up,down,left,right,ok,back).
AFAYK, it that level of CEC supported in shield's firmware?

The Shield should be fine for those basics of CEC control, like most modern media players these days (not Intel)

Quote:And, can Nvidia's software be wiped out to avoid spyware (ie: install just LibreELEC)
The Shield cannot run LibreELEC and never will. Avoid the ES File Explorer App these days would be a very good general Android recommendation.

Quote:And lastly.. Netflix 4k is the only thing then that Amlogic 9xx boxes are lacking then?
The only dual boot AMLogic S912 - DIY - LibreELEC / CoreELEC / Android TV OS - 1080p Netflix only / Youtube 4K device that works these days, and is pretty snappy is the MECOOL M8S Pro L. If you need Gigabit Ethernet on that device - people buy a USB3 > Gigabit adapter like the Ugreen ones.

Quote:CEC works fine? (the first page of this thread details things very well, but I find hard to find infos about CEC)
Again, many many thanks!
Yes CEC has been missing simply because it's not that well supported of a standard, only the basics for control you listed above usually work reliably.
Anything else like CEC - OFF / ON is a lottery.

4K Netflix capable devices that do auto Frame Rate Matching and run Kodi or forks of Kodi (eg. MrMC):

- Amazon Fire TV 4K Gen 3. pendant (no idea how well it does this)
- Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick (under user testing currently)
- NVIDIA Shield
- Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K also does Frame Rate Matching when using Netflix, it is the only platform that does:

None of them can run LibreELEC / CoreELEC Kodi.


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