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Quote:The Shield should be fine for those basics of CEC control, like most modern media players these days (not Intel)
I've read newer Gemini Lake now support basic CEC... (here ) but people won't go as far as to tell what "basic means" besides ON/OFF.
Quote:The Shield cannot run LibreELEC and never will
Pardon my ignorance.. but why? I've seen some people at least attempted to run regular linux on the shield ( here is an example ) even tho I do recognize no widespread distro runs natively on it without some serious hacking)
So currently the only way is to have the shield run Kodi is is using it's native Android OS and install the Kodi APK on it?
Quote:Avoid the ES File Explorer App these days would be a very good general Android recommendation.
You mean because of this or there's something even more scary I had missed? NVidia is also famous for it's "Telemetry" on PCs, so one of my concerns is it does the same on the Shield..
Quote:The only dual boot AMLogic S912 - DIY - LibreELEC / CoreELEC / Android TV OS - 1080p Netflix only / Youtube 4K device that works these days, and is pretty snappy is the MECOOL M8S Pro L

And do GigE is needed just because of >55mbit video streams then, right?

Reading your previous posts.. apart from price (even tho used ATV4k cost around the same as an used ShieldTV, around $130),and inhability to run LibreELEC what is AppleTV lacking in this regard? I've seen 4k can easily be jailbroken and then Kodi installed.

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