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(2018-11-07, 18:43)dolsey01 Wrote: I don't need wireless, or bluetooth, just fast reliable playback of the DVD and Blu-Rays.  I'd prefer the device be dedicated to Kodi.

I'm thinking ODROID-C2 running LibreELEC but wanted to see if there is anything else I should be considering at this price point.  I'd prefer something with Gig Ethernet to minimize buffering.


The SDR only ODROID C2 is fine. Really all you need is one with eMMC storage. SD card storage will be a smidge slower. Not much.
Make sure you get the eMMC > microSDHC adapter, a case - and if you really want to go minimal a USB2 > barrel power connector.
Plus a USB dongle Wireless remote like the MINIX A2 lite, mini keyboard ones - for Kodi Keyboard shortcuts.

I power mine from a USB port on the TV, its a pretty clean setup.

Not sure how expensive MINIX U1 hardware is these days, but that does already come with a MINIX A2 lite wireless remote, quality fast RAM + eMMC and Gigabit as well. It would be a quality SDR only setup.

The RPi 3 Model B+ would also be fine for SDR - DVD's and Bluray's. But lacks hardware decoding if you throw 10bit HEVC encoded content it's way.

Be aware all these ARM based setup's are not the fastest once you start using really demanding 3rd party Skins. If you want a snappy 3rd party skin with that sort of setup grab a cheap ASUS Chromebox and run LibreELEC on it.
In fact if you are going no where near 10bit HEVC content - which you will not with DVD's and SDR 1080p Bluray's only - then a ASUS Chromebox makes a great buy.


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