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(2018-11-09, 21:30)WeldSpark Wrote: Is this still true? "The Amlogic has not released fbdev Mali"

Can someone give me a update on S912? Minix has a box with S912, does that mean it's now supported, the Mali drivers has been released? Please shed some light on this, because I can't get my head around it.
AIUI there are builds for the S912 (Krypton and Leia) but they rely on slightly hacky GPU drivers (I think hacked from Android).  The roadmap for Kodi 19 means that this solution won't work - so the S912 is not a guaranteed future proof platform. That's why Sam Nazarko has gone with the S905D, and not the S912, for the Vero 4K+ (as he wants to guarantee future compatibility)

HOWEVER there is also a team working on open source Mali drivers that MAY deliver a driver for the S912's GPU that IS compatible with the future roadmap for Kodi.  However this is not guaranteed and is still MAY not WILL.

This is my understanding - others please feel free to correct me.

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