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(2018-11-14, 05:23)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2018-11-12, 20:27)WeldSpark Wrote: Just so I know, I believe you still have a good reason. But why do you recommend s912 boxes when they are almost obsolete... ?

Because: (using LibreELEC Krypton or CoreELEC Leia- when it is a bit more stable)

a) they are pretty cheap..
b) for the DIY types - easy to dual boot.
c) they are pretty snappy, for the price paid, especially when used with a wireless remote.
d) a lot come equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, needed for high bitrate 4K HDR Bluray Rips playback...
e) they already handle all types of audio passthrough and LPCM
f) they are set and forget SDR / 4K HDR10 Kodi media players WITH correct color outputs.
g) broadcast TV deinterlacing is some of the highest quality you can get for Kodi use.
h) retro gaming in Android (after dual booting) is likely pretty good due to using properly licensed Android - ARM GPU drivers. The T820 MP3 is a pretty decent cheap GPU for a bit if retro gaming.

Honestly I'm not sure what more of Kodi's core features need to be covered in a set and forget type media player.

Because most are cheap, when something better comes along, you simply go out and buy new hardware, if and when the software support has caught up. And as Noggin said upgrade every one or two years.

I'm not even going to speculate what Linux Kernel and driver support will be like by the time Kodi v19 M comes around for cheap 4K HDR10 capable devices running a Linux based Kodi OS. There is a lot of developmental work to go under the bridge before that future Kodi M is released.

In the ARM Chipset - Arms Race, Apple lead all others with some really impressive power under the hood in the ATV 4K (have a look at the very latest iPad Pro's chipset as well), followed by the best networked media player - bang for the buck of 2018 - the Amazon FireTV Stick 4K - yep I'm calling it already ! 
In power terms - particularly GPU (if you are in to gaming) - then the Shield TV with the Tegra X1 can't be ignored either. It's a pretty powerful ARM CPU + GPU combo - and feels like it's snappier than my AMLogic devices. The Apple TV 4K is, as you say, very impressive too. The CPU grunt allowing software 1080i deinterlacing is impressive (and just as well as there doesn't seem to be hardware deinterlacing available?)

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