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(2018-11-12, 16:07)raven6679 Wrote: Hi everyone.
In this topic I have asked some questions and based on them, I've selected and purchased Odroid C2.

But (as usual) in real life environment, things just didn't go very well for me. So now, I'm forced to re-map my requirements for Kodi box. Could you help me guys with my next choice?

It goes like this:
+ I need to use Kodi 18, because I'm using Netflix addon (by asciidisco) inside Kodi to watch movies from my premium Netflix account (UHD quality)
+ Because Netflix addon cannot use HW decoding, it is using CPU to decode Netflix stream: C2 have not enough power for 1080p, but! I'm still happy with 720p stream! It's good enough for me
+ My local source is networked NAS with 1080p videos. I don't have and I don't need 4K / HDR playback.
+ Feature, that is essentially CRUCIAL for me is PlayerControl tempo up&down (this is from this topic: This was a major drawback in C2, because in CoreElec (Kodi 18) it seems like tempo is not working
+ WiFi is a must, because in my current situation, I'm physically unable to connect Ethernet cable to the place where my TV is. So, 5GHz would be nice. Eventually, I can buy WiFi dongle for C2, but as I understand, there are only 2,4G dongles for this device...
+ I need to use RF remote with mini keyboard (like MX3 or similar) and be able to remap keys using in Kodi

So, there's a question: should I be playing more with C2 with different OS and WiFi dongle to achieve my goal (is it even possible to fulfill all my requirements from above?). I can do a workaround with wireless connectivity, but I specifically must have player tempo function. Beside that, all is good with my current C2, except I cannot force Kodi to make use of player tempo.

Or, should I sell this box and but something else? Like I don't know, Nvidia Shield maybe?

Get a 2018 Fire TV Stick 4K - they have been on sale for $35 - amazing value.
That device has really good Dual Band MIMO WiFi - the Best you are likely to find at that price, and a really kick ass remote.

The Kodi v18 Netflix Addon can use hardware decoding on any Android devices that have included Widewine L1 DRM in device Firmware.
You will get 1080p Kodi Leia Netflix with that combo.
You also want a device that does Kodi auto refresh rate switching, which means Shield, FireTV Stick 4K or MINIX U9 only.

No idea about Player Control tempo Addon. Find someone with a working combo.

Remapping Keys with any Android device is always fraught with danger because the OS usually intercepts key / remote button presses before any Apps see what has been selected. Android is different vs the Linux OS systems like LibreELEC and CoreELEC.


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