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(2018-11-26, 21:24)raven6679 Wrote:
(2018-11-26, 21:20)WeldSpark Wrote:
(2018-11-26, 18:49)wrxtasy Wrote: Ultimately CPU intensive Kodi needs Intel iron if you really want snappiness. It's single Core CPU performance is what you want for Python scripted Kodi Addons and Skins, and Intel does that well vs cheap ARM microarchitecture.

The A10X Fusion in the recent Apple TV 4K is the most impressive ARM chipset on the market, it's a bit of a beast !

S912's will be a little bit quicker, but not much at all vs the tweaked C2. Especially if the C2 is already using eMMC flash storage. THIS S912 combo would be cost effective.

Otherwise consider a NVIDIA Shield, that will definately run Kodi v19 M when heading into future Kodi.
Just make sure you can return it if you are one of those unlucky users that has a 4K HDR TV that cannot handle SDR content combined with the colorspace conversion the Shield uses.

Kodi Leia gives ARM devices a bit of a speedup bump as well.
Thank you!

Well Apple TV is not my cup of tea. Nvidia shield is probably the next step if I want a bigger performance bump.

I don't know if my TV is affected I have a Sony 65xf9005?

So next kodi release will make my current devices a bit faster, but s912 won't get that probably. So what I have to choose between is s905 or a Nvidia shield. It's twice the price of a s905 or s912. But with Nvidia shield I will be more future proof.

X86 hardware is quite pricey, I think I will skip that.  
I was in your shoes. Was looking for a budget solution. Can tell you, if you want best value for X piece of money, consider Nvidia Shield.  
I ordered a Nvidia Shield today, I guess compared to x86 it's somewhat a budget solution Big Grin

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