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(2018-12-25, 05:46)Lasar3 Wrote: On my PC, am using puppy linux to run kodi.

Would like to lower the power use by using a single board computer.

Since I am electrically sensitive to emf, I want a single board computer, that
can be shielded by a metal case.

Also would like to run the os completely in memory, so there is no corruption of the
flash drive. Flash basically becomes firmware.

What single board computer os will run completely in memory?


Minimal Linux capable boards running LibreELEC or CoreELEC Kodi only use SD cards or eMMC flash for Firmware storage and storing Kodi data files like Artwork, Thumbnails, settings. The minimal Linux OS and Kodi run's pretty much entirely in memory.

Such devices are the Raspberry Pi's & the ODROID C2 (click) and if you need HDR10 support, the LePotato (click) or Khadas Vim (click)

The AMLogic S9xx chipsets in the C2, LePotato and Vim. Use a more modern 28nm microarchitecture and hence consume less power vs the 40nm RPi's.
More recent RPi boards also include RF generating WiFi and bluetooth modules.

My C2 for example happily runs (Overclocked) using a USB2 > barrel power connector that can be power entirely from a TV's USB power socket.
The C2 already includes a decent Heatsink as well and can take some decent Overclocking punishment without melting down or crashing.

The RPi's needs a dedicated power supply and special cooling if you really want to push them. They also cannot hardware decode, now common 8/10bit HEVC encoded video content. 10bit HEVC video decoding really heat's them up.

All you really need for LE or CE Kodi is Ethernet and power. Because with those OS's - Kodi can then be controlled from a HDMI-CEC capable TV's remote, eliminating the need for another emf generating Wireless remote control.



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