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(2018-12-29, 12:43)noggin Wrote:
(2018-12-29, 00:16)kraniet Wrote: The COOD-E TV 4K is in the same price range as the vero 4K+ but seem to have better hardware?
The Vero 4K+ developer is @Sam.Nazarko and he is a regular poster here and at the OSMC forums.  He is highly engaged with his end users and you can talk to him.  OSMC, the OS that the Vero 4K+ runs Kodi on, and the bundled Kodi are updated regularly by Sam.

Good luck finding a COOD-E TV developer here and being able to talk to them...  

The difference between the S905D and S912 hardware is not massive in Kodi terms. However the difference in support between the two platforms is likely to be quite big. 

I'd always chose a platform with better support over a platform with better hardware.  All the specs in the world are pointless if you don't get OS updates and nobody is actively developing and improving your platform after you've bought it. (So many of these no-name boxes are stuck with the OS release you get with them, and not ever updated after purchase)  
 Ok, thank you for the info. 
I wasnt trying to offend anyone.

But I guess the Vero has the same problem with not having widevine support?

After alls this hassle with streamers (netflix, hbo etc) Im starting to think if they should get my support.  HBO for one havent even bothered to make an app for xbox one s (!?!) and Netflix are hardware locking their app. Like the support for atmos only being supported in windows, apple tv and some sony tvs.. Not to speak of the 4K function.. 
Not to talk about xbox lack of audio switching and throughput support.. Some "complete media player solution"..

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