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(2019-01-10, 06:13)ozkhan1 Wrote: I never found lack of CEC to be a big deal. Most TVs have it implemented in a rather haphazard way anyway. Nothing a good old FLIRc cant fix. The new one even has an IR transmitter so there is hope in the future one can actually use it to control TV/AV receiver, etc.
The most useful aspect of HDMI CEC to me is that it lets Kodi remotely control the volume of my AVR when I'm bit streaming audio (HD Audio, DD, DTS etc.)  When I switch to a PC without CEC having to grab an AVR remote to adjust volume gets boring very quickly.

Auto switch-on of AVR and TV is also a nice feature (though I've disabled auto switch off as I often want to continue viewing on another device)  Kodi is very good at allowing CEC configuration at quite a low level.

I guess the aspect of CEC that interests me least is allowing my TV remote to control Kodi.

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