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I'm back. Confused

Ok I`m wondering if MIMO will make an appreciable difference? Also if I'm going to be using Android, is 3GB going to help a lot with these versions of Android?\

Should I go for the Khadas Vim2 pro? (S912 + MIMO + RSDB + 3GB DDR4)
Or Khadas Vim1 Pro? (S905X + AC Wifi+ 2GB DDR3)
Or Minix U1 (S905 + MIMO + 2GB DDR3)
Or Mecool KI Pro (S905D + AC Wifi + 2GB DDR4+ Widevine)

Planning to dual boot and wifi only.
I'm guessing there wont be much of a difference, but wondering if there is advantages to one over another that I'm not considering other than the RAM and Wifi? 
The Vim2 is about $30-50 more? Is the price premium worth it over the other 3?

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