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I am all for DIY and don't need any commercial support.  In fact by DIY I will get a more pure Kodi experience which I am after.  You mention the ATV 4K as an option, but MrMC isn't quite the look I am used to.

How much would I pay?  Ideally somewhere in the $100-200 range?  Not afraid of going the NUC/Brix route or heck even a new Mac Mini.

Not sure I am to the point of wanting to shell out big bucks yet for a Mac Mini as we've only noticed a few momentary slowdowns in playback that honestly could be network related.  Finding this thread got me intrigued by new options though either for our main room or use with other TVs.

I don't have a preference on OS.  Booting right into Kodi with LibreElec/OpenElec sounds nice.  If it is Mac/Win/Ubuntu and launches Kodi automatically that is fine as that is what I have now.

I do not want to deal with a laggy UI.  I do want it to be VERY stable.  Hopefully that helps.  I know there are a lot of options here!

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