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(2019-02-11, 08:21)hawkeye27 Wrote: [quote="wrxtasy" pid='2820997' dateline='1549850628']DIY, non laggy interface, boot straight into LibreELEC Kodi Leia (in 16 secs) = WIP - Rockchip RK3399 devices running LibreELEC Kodi Leia

If I were to set this in my entertainment cabinet I imagine I would have issues getting signals to the FLIRC I would run on it. 

I have a FLIRC too, but do not use it because there are better, more responsive Wireless remote options available like the Mini Keyboard MINIX A2 Lite. The Keyboard comes in real handy for Kodi keyboard shortcuts after long term usage. No more missed button pressings and no line of sight Infra Red issues.

I've also added support to my personal LibreELEC Leia to the Blutooth version of THIS (click) cheap remote. All that is needed is a CSR v4.x Bluetooth USB dongle if using a Rockchip board. It's lightning quick that combo.

There is the sleek off the shelf Apollo Lake (Intel Graphics 505) equipped - MINIX-NEO-N42C

You may be able to find cheaper DIY Apollo Lake or better NUC type hardware, but Apollo is all you would personally need for 1080p SDR.
There is this cheaper Beelink N3450 Apollo Lake

Apollo Lake with Intel Graphics 500 (click) -->>> onwards can easily handle all the modern video compression standards. You need Main10 HEVC hardware decode support - even for 1080p stuff these days.

HERE is Kodi's Apollo Lake thread.

And THIS is good advice from @fritsch when it comes to Intel Hardware and Kodi.


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