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Hello guys, i have Libreelec installed on Pi 3 plus,  a Mecool m8s pro plus, (s905x) and in a intel laptop (i3 7100 Kaby Lake).
the 905x for me its the worst, he can play everything flawlessely indeed, 1080p/4k remuxes! but the image quality ho boy... the colors are washed. not vivid. not to talk about the sound quality, i have a Sony Dn1050 with a set of monior audio bronze and its just bad the sound is not clear it misses a lot of detail it just hurts my ears, I know that the box is limited to a 16bit audio passthrough but it cant be just it (i am using the last wrxtasy build)
This made me return to my old pi model 3 plus and ho boy... what a diference in picture and sound (LPCM pass) quality
The KabyLake can bypass 24bits, the audio feels much more crispier/detailed and punchier the image quality is just like the pi.
We are talking about HW decoding here so the image quality shouldn't be the same in these 3 processors?? ins't the same thing asking wich language is better? am im doing something wrong with the 905x? what about the sound?
I'm not into 4k yet, need to upgrade my receiver so i am talking about 1080p remuxes.
is it possbile that the mecool box is a bad model?
The laptop at the moment is a fixer, i can connect it to the receiver turn on libreelec and with a remote dongle play or the cellphone play with it.
Is anyone experience these symptons with the s905x? is the rockchip s3399 the way to go?
Thank you guys

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