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(2019-02-19, 05:13)mudkipz Wrote: Deciding between the Mecool M8S Pro L (~$100), Tanix TX9 Pro (~$95 overseas delivery), Minix U9 (~$185) or Vodafone TV.

Certified Android TV + Netflix Approved + proper DRM + DVB-T tuner + real easy to use Android TV Apps, with one of the best Wireless remote's you can get + 2 years local Aussie warranty = Vodafone TV

Android TV with a nice wireless remote is real easy for non tech types to use.

(Sideloaded) Tablet Android Apps of course always need a wireless Air Mouse type remote.

Quote:The M8S and TX9 look to have more RAM and ROM than the U9, while the TX9 and U9 both have gigabit LAN.

Gigabit LAN needed for high bitrate 4K HDR Bluray Rips otherwise 100Mbit is fine. 2GB minimum RAM needed for Android. 1GB is fine for CoreELEC.

Quote:Wondering if the premium on the U9 is worth it – for the better heatsink?

Depends how much you want to stress and OClock the device, plus the included MINIX A2 lite remote is excellent.
You can easily power on CoreELEC, running on the U9 with the IR part of the A2 remote, HDMI CEC then switches ON / OFF my TV and AVR automatically (individual CEC results may vary)

Quote:Also deciding whether I should get a Xiaomi Mi Box remote or Minix A2 Lite – is the keyboard worth it?

Yes if you need a Air mouse, want to use Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts, and need a Plug n Play wireless remote that will both work in Android and CoreELEC out of the box.
Personally the A2 lite remote is one of my best long term purchases. Get plugged into and used with everything. Really handy simply for the flexibility of the thing.


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