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(2019-02-19, 06:37)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-02-19, 06:22)mudkipz Wrote: Thanks.

How is Vodafone TV with running Kodi? I have read that Kodi on Android isn't good, and a box running CoreELEC or LibreELEC is much better.

Depends how demanding you are and if you need proper DRM and Android 1080p 4K Netflix Apps support...

If you need smooth video playback for everything with auto refresh / resolution / colorspace switching plus HD audio passthrough & and bunch of other Linux Kodi features added then a S905X or S912 running CoreELEC will be much better than any cheap Android device for running Kodi.
The cheap AML Android devices dual boot anyway.

Be aware if you need Netflix, even the Android Kodi Leia Netflix Addon will refuse to work on all Mecool devices.
It appears their Android L1 Widevine DRM has been blacklisted. A whole bunch of other cheap Asian Android manufacturers are the same. Looks like they copied that specific DRM and got it blacklisted.

CoreELEC Kodi Leia will get you Max. 720p DRM Leia Addon decoding & streaming. 
 Can the Vodafone dual boot CoreELEC with an SD card or is it an Android only machine?

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