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(2019-03-09, 00:45)Roen Wrote: As a Kodi only player, does the U9-H match the Shield in playback performance? Both being faster than a Vero 4K+?

The CoreELEC release on the U9 is an OS dedicated to optimising and running Kodi Leia as bug free as possible, CE has a bunch of dedicated, passionate developers working on it and the AMLogic specific version of Kodi Leia. It's a more open platform vs Android.

Android Kodi Leia on the Shield is a generic Android version of Kodi, in reality @peak3d seems to take the bulk of Android Kodi specific support and does a might fine job. @fritsch fiddles around a bit as well, mainly with audio.

I'm not sure how you define playback performance.
Older video compression standards like VC-1 and mpeg4 will playback noticeably better with CoreELEC on the U9. The Shield would counter with better CPU Software decode performance for non standard stuff like 1080p Hi10P Anime.

The U9 can hardware decode VP9 Profile 2 which is what Youtube use for 4K HDR. The Shield has no Hardware decode support for that one.

I've always trusted AMLogic LibreELEC / CoreELEC / OSMC deinterlacing a LOT more vs anything used on Android platforms.

Full blown bug free 4K HDR Kodi Leia support still has holes and teething issues on both platforms. (See the HDR Limitations thread)

The GPU in the Shield is more powerful vs the U9, you will get a bit snappier user interface - Kodi performance.
If Chromecasting, Android and it's Apps is the primary use - then get the Shield, especially if you want 4K HDR, Atmos Kodi Leia Netflix Addon usage.
Android 8.x Oreo is superior on the Shield vs the much older Android 6.x Marshmallow on the U9.

Otherwise I prefer the dedicated Linux based Kodi platforms (LibreELEC / CoreELEC / OSMC), where the developers can quickly bug bust the whole OS - AND the underlying Linux Kernel and drivers vs any Android box - where you are at the mercy of the Android vendors (and Google) to release a Firmware update.

Ultimately what I'm finding as the gap narrows between platforms for Kodi usage - is that the integrated Wireless remote packaged with devices, that dictates what I mainly use. It's a reliability ease of use consideration for Gorilla sized male hands.
The MINIX A2 lite mini keyboard remote is my favourite for long term Kodi usage - it's Kodi Keyboard shortcuts come in real handy for me personally. Batteries last 8 month or more of daily punishment. (I do NOT recommend the successor MINIX A3 lite remote with it's wake from sleep issues)



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