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(2019-03-20, 10:46)ebnerjoh Wrote: First I thought that Apple TV 4K could be the solution. from other Forums/Posts I saw that it has one of the best Video Quality including HDR, but there are big limitations with Atmos/DTS:X, although I am not able to understand what exactly are the limitations. Only for MrMC App or also Amazon/Netflix?

Just remember this for the ATV 4K. ....
It cannot passthrough lossless Dolby True HD with Atmos extensions ie. Atmos audio found on Bluray rips. (the height audio component)
The lossless Dolby TrueHD audio track in such instances is decoded into lossless LPCM.

Excluding DTS:X because I've never seen it - All other audio when used with something like MrMC can be lossless decoded to LPCM for NO loss in audio quality.

It can also remix ALL audio into 2.0 / 5.1 Dolby Digital for wide compatibility with all sort of audio receivers, handy for older audio equiptment that cannot passthrough 4K HDR.

Lossy Atmos works with Netflix, iTunes, Prime Video & now MrMC.

No idea if limitations or issue will be fixed on various platforms you mentioned.

With the Linux Kodi platforms that are running OSMC, LibreELEC or CoreELEC Kodi - the developers can bug bust everything to make it highly compatible with Kodi, that being the Linux Kernel, drivers and Kodi itself. This has long term advantages.


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