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(2019-04-18, 03:11)gilsonsjc Wrote:
(2019-04-18, 02:42)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-04-17, 16:16)gilsonsjc Wrote: Is there any device that is able to reproduce 4K HDR/HDR10+/Dolby Vision and still do Atmos/DTS-X passthrough using Kodi? Thank you!

No such device exists.

Even Kodi type devices that support DolbyVision for Netflix and Prime Video like the FireTV Stick 4K and Apple TV 4K cannot playback dual layer DolbyVision Bluray Rips and output DV Metadata - the Software support for that simply is not available.

You end up with HDR10 only Metadata output.
Both of those cannot do lossless Atmos/DTS-X audio passthrough either using Kodi or MrMC (Apple TV 4K) 

Ok, so lets remove some of the requirements: how about only 4K HDR/HDR10+ and still do Atmos/DTS-X passthrough using Kodi? Is there such device?

Excluding the Fire TV Stick 4K and ATV 4K...

And I'm Not sure about HDR10+ with the following - but virtually all of the devices listed in this post (read the details) can do 4K HDR10 with Atmos/DTS-X passthrough.

4K HDR10 - State of Play thread - important media player limitations. (click)

I do know the AMLogic S922X Chipset like you see in the ODROID N2 supports HDR10+, but (CoreELEC) software support for HDR10(+) with auto bit depth and colorspace switching is still under early development. Such a device should do Kodi Leia Atmos/DTS-X passthrough as well.
I also believe the N2's Linux Kernel also supports correct MaxCLL/FLL HDR metadata output.


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