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(2019-06-17, 08:37)mika91 Wrote: ok.
This fix is for Odroid C2 only?
So if I well understand, SW upscaling was never used on S905x, because a variable was wrongly set?

I only mention the Linux Kodi based OS's - like CoreELEC because it has easy to use Kodi settings for user config of SW/HW decoding, which can be very easily set for SD or HD video content as well.
That also applies to LibreELEC Kodi 18.3-rc1. The old SPMC Kodi has these easy to use - user configurable SW/HW decode options as well.

And you need to be SW decoding of SD video content to access the GLES HQ upscalers.

Android Kodi does not have those easy to use Kodi GUI settings, even though I pushed hard for them to be included in Kodi Leia.

Frankly it's bullshit the excuses the Kodi devs. came up with for not adding minimal lines of code, they do not want to make it easy for Android Kodi users at all !!!

Consequently with Android Kodi you are left with a convoluted, right royal PITA thing called decodefilter.xml (click)


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