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(2019-07-17, 17:59)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-07-17, 15:22)HarlequinMKD Wrote: Hi guys,

About to buy my first android box, so I guess I'm newbie. I went around the forum, did some reading, and I was about to buy the Minix Neo U9
I understand its two years old, so I wanted to check with you if I can get something similar within the price range 50-70$, which is same or even better than the U9-H?

If you need an Android device with Kodi Leia auto Frame Rate Matching for properly smooth video playback & HD audio pass through then choices are really limited.
The mainstream Android devices for that are the Nvidia Shield, Mi Box and the MINIX U9.
Quote:I will use it only for IPTV and perhaps Kodi. No games no apps other than those two.
Any help will be appreciated.


Why not get a microSDHC card (& adapter) then and simply flash CoreELEC Kodi Leia to it ?
It will be better vs using Android Kodi for out of the box easy, slick Kodi usage.

Kodi has its own IPTV Simple Client addon you can easily add m3u lists to.

The MINIX U9 works nicely for CE usage, I can also dual boot easily into Android.

There is the reasonably cheap Mecool KM3 about that is running a snappy version of Android TV OS Pie 9.0 that will run Kodi OK if auto Frame Rate matching or HD audio are not really that important.
See the Chigztech KM3 YouTube review (click)

If the IPTV App is a regular tablet/touchscreen App you will need an Air Mouse remote to be able to control it properly. The MINIX A2 lite works well for that. Android TV OS devices do not come with Air Mouse remotes.

Be aware the Android TV OS and the regular tablet/phone Google Playstores are separate. Their Apps also have different remote control requirements as well. 

First of all, thx for your prompt reply.
The world is a better place, with forum members like yourself.

As much as I love to play around with tech, I'm not sure I can do the method you suggested, with the sdhc card.
I guess the choice comes down to Mecool K3 / U9-H (double the price of k3) or the Mi Box, since the Shield is way too expensive for me.
HD audio is not priority.

So all in all, is the K3 best bang for busk or not?

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