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(2019-07-18, 14:31)wrxtasy Wrote:
(2019-07-18, 14:02)sidsilver2 Wrote: I want to upgrade my Minix neo u1, would a Mecool KM3 be a good choice?

Depends really what you want and what is important.

CoreELEC Kodi Leia for 4K SDR, broadcast TV deinterlacing + HD audio with auto refresh and auto resolution switching will be Far superior on the U1. In fact the U1 is one of the best SDR hardware setups you can get for that. The U1 packaged, A2 lite remote is my personal favorite. Smile

If you want cheap, snappy Google Certified - Android TV OS Pie 9.0 device with Chromecasting and easy to use ATV Apps then the KM3 might work OK.
It will Not do TV deinterlacing properly, no HD audio, no auto refresh or resolution switching and has no Netflix approval. The ATV Netflix App will not even work.

The Amazon FireTV Stick 4K will do most of the above, except reliable deinterlacing & no HD audio.

Do NOT rely on Android hacks to try and get 1080p Netflix streaming working. Netflix has a regular habit of stopping that sort of hacked App streaming in its tracks. Get a properly approved Netflix device if that App is really important for long term usage.
You cannot Root the Google Certified KM3 either.

Firmware suppport and updates are an unknown quantity with the KM3.

Really you need to read the Freaktab KM3 thread (click) for up to date info.

Short answer is I want what the U1 does but in a newer model. 

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