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(2019-07-19, 00:47)blizzardreign Wrote: Given these, seems like currently the N2 is the only viable solution for me? Does it come with a case as it seems like it's just a board when I check it out? And where is a good place to buy from? Do I require the Minix a2 lite remote as well?

As I said to do 4K HDR properly you have to look at the aforementioned list.

For the N2, you need the board (2GB is plenty), a black case, power supply and then either a Class10 U1 microSDHC or a 8 / 16GB eMMC (& adapter) for the CoreELEC OS.
I believe a USB3 Stick can also be used.

The MINIX A2 lite remote with its mini keyboard works nicely indeed with it. Any remote really can be used, but wireless remotes mean no missed button pressings and better responsiveness vs Infra Red only.

See the HardKernel website for a list of worldwide distributors for the N2.


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