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Android HEVC acceleration on Marvell Android TV
I have an Android TV with a chipset from Marvell, Armada 1500 Pro 4K.

I've been checking the config files and found one where this HEVC codec is mentioned: OMX.marvell.video_decoder.hevc

Is this the codec needed to accelerate HEVC playback on this tv? Can Kodi use this directly or it is exposed trough Media Codec api.

I was planning on making a simple player app that can make use of acceleration, and maybe use it as an external player for Kodi. I don't have experience with media playback but maybe I'll learn something useful.

Should I base my player on Exo Player or should I take the Kodi playback library/project and experiment with it?

I have a Philips TV and I cannot install apps directly on it, from unknown sources, the only way is to publish alpha/beta versions trough the play store, a slow process but this way I can get it installed on my TV.

Can I take the entire application, give it another name, make changes and publish it as closed alpha/beta on play store so I can install it on my TV?

Any tips to get this going are welcomed. Thanks!
When targeting Android 4.2 (API level 17) and later then Marvell needs to expose their hardware codecs via Google's MediaCodec API (android.media.MediaCodec) on Android from Kodi v16 (Jarvis) as well as future versions of Kodi to use them.


Kodi can therefor not access hardware codecs directly, (or rather should no longer use anything but the MediaCodec API), but unfortunatly not all device manufacturers (or even SoC manufacturers SDK) include codecs for MediaCodec by default. I say should not because Google's MediaCodec API is the new defacto standard decoding and encoding API that all apps will use on Androd, not just on Kodi.



Since Marvell uses OpenMAX (OMX) it can be a good idea to find general articles about using OMX codecs via the MediaCodec API, instead trying to specifically find articles about Mavell and the MediaCodec API.



Qualcomm and Intel have a couple good blog post which explain how they implemented codecs for Android's MediaCodec API


Thank you, this is fantastic! I will start researching.
Reviving this old 3ad to push development around Kodi, since Marvell-based android boxes/Tvs seems to be expanding.
Here's the android tv guide page that collects all Technicolor boxes that proves it.

Some - maybe useful - resorces for Marvell SOCs:
  1. Marvell's github
  2. Marvell-related open source projects
Hope that helps in any way.
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HEVC acceleration on Marvell Android TV00