Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
One reason why I don't use Kodi for music is because I have organised my music in Itunes via playlists. I have a playlist folder for artists and one for playlists. The artists folder contains playlists of artists that I have complete albums of or at least multiple songs. The playlists folder contains playlists of various artists. I use this method because when I use the normal artist filter, all artists are displayed. If you have a rather large music library with lots of artists that you only have one song of, this gets reaaally messy and makes finding an artist with a whole album kind of annoying. Yeah you could just filter for albums but if you want to shuffle multiple abums of the same artist this doesn't work.

So what I would like to have would be some kind of filter that displays only artists with multiple songs and the option to choose how many songs are the threshold. After you select an artist it should show the albums grouped like: All Songs, Album A, Album B, Album ..., (Various Songs without album).

I don't know if this is complicated to do or if there are a lot of people with this problem, but I would gladly appreciate it as it would make using Kodi for music a viable option for me.

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