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(2016-02-02, 12:28)Sjors125 Wrote: Another idea: if I browse my music library and choose Dr. Dre for example, I would like to see not only the songs he made himself, but also the songs in which he participates (so Dre's own "Still Dre" and 2Pac's "California Love"). Same goes for Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Tiësto, etc. They've made a lot of songs themselfs, but remixed or participated in a lot of other songs.

My library is almost entirely based on the information of For easthetic reasons I changed all "ft." and "feat." to featuring and added all featuring artists to the song name, instead of the artist name. To use the Dr Dre example again: "2Pac - California Love (featuring Dr. Dre)" or "Madonna - Die Another Day (Tiësto Remix)". Is Kodi able to do what I want, with ID3 tags like this?

Kodi can do what you want BUT not with that tagging. I totally understand why you have tagged as you have, but how can Kodi, or any media player, know that part of the song title is sometimes an artist? You will be able to search titles, but the featured artist will never be known to Kodi as an artist.

The better route is to re-tag (sorry, not what you want to hear). Either
a) put multiple artists in the artist tag separated by space-slash-space, and put main artist in album artist tag
b) Use Picard, putting artist as you want e.g. Madonna - (Tiësto Remix), artists (note s) tag as Madonna / Tiësto and 2 musicbrainz artist Ids.

Either way Kodi will know about all artists. a) will show "Madonna / Tiësto" while playing, b) will show "Madonna - (Tiësto Remix)".

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