Music New Features/Improvements Request Summary
(2019-03-03, 19:17)HeresJohnny Wrote: Hi Dave,

there's one display issue for albums I would love to see sorted out. We all know that many of those old bands we love churn out remasters of their catalogue. I would like to use Manfred Mann's Earth Band as an example, but this is equally true for many other bands like Pink Floyd etc.

MMEB has issued a remaster of their complete catalogue titled "40th Anniversary". When tagged with musicbrainz, all their albums indiscriminately bear the title "40th Anniversary" and only the true connoisseur is able to distinguish which is which by song title or album cover when playing in Kodi (they also tag with the bloody beautified apostrophe in "Manfred Mann’s Earth Band" which I correct every time - don't get me started). To add insult to injury, all of these albums now bear the year of the Anniversary release.

However, all of the releases are also tagged with a <DISCSUBTITLE> tag where the correct album name lives. Discogs also sometimes uses this method but writes the tag as <DISC SUBTITLE>.

To cut a long story short, the solution I see would be to let these tags take priority over the <ALBUM> tag. Contrary to its name, <DISCSUBTITLE> would replace the title and <ALBUM> would be degraded to subtitle in these cases. Of course, it could also work the other way around but the <DISCSUBTITLE> contains the information I feel is more crucial when presenting an album.

Thanks for adding it to your pile!
 What I see on MB is that "40th Anniversary" is a box set with a single bar code and containing 21 physical CDs.  So the problem appears to  be one of "boxed sets" and titles for media within a set.

scott s.
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