ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
Android Testing: - SPMC 16.1.2 (Kodi Jarvis)

- amcodec, mediacodec (surface), mediacodec - all enabled
- dynamic refresh switching enabled - start/stop
- Audio Android , PCM 2.0

--> 25/29.97/50/59.94fps Interlaced 1080i mpeg2/h264 all plays back correctly, with nice Hardware deinterlacing using amcodec.
Kodi refresh switches the TV to the correct display mode. I can now watch 25/50fps 1080i/720p mpeg2/h264 broadcast TV Smile

--> 23.976fps AVC/H264/ 8/10 bit HEVC plays correctly using amcodec decoding, refresh switching works Smile

--> 23.976fps 2160p 10bit HEVC plays using amcodec at a downscaled 1080p video output, but no refresh switching occurs.

--> 23.976fps VC-1 plays back with stutters (AML Kernel issue)

--> 29.97fps VC-1 is surprisingly the smoothest playback I've seen ever !

- 25fps 576i Interlaced TV uses ff-mpeg2 or mediacodec. Bob Inverted has to be used with Post Processing enabled. The picture is pretty watchable with this combo surprisingly, but still not as good as AML Hardware deinterlacing.

- after dynamic refresh rate switching occurs say to 23.976fps, upon stopping a movie the Kodi GUI will not switch back to 60Hz. The GUI stays at the last refresh rate of the video output used.

- a random black screen with Audio only. Fixed by bringing up any sort of OSD, video then displays properly.

For my 1080p TV viewing and 10-bit HEVC movie playback purposes the C2 is now usable as amcodec no longer dynamic switches and tries to use unsupported AML S905 display modes. HDMI CEC control works. 2160p is still a WIP.

Interesting ODROID-C2, compared to Raspberry Pi 3 and Orange Pi Plus raw numbers review:

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