ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-05-29, 20:48)MaDeMaNN Wrote:
(2016-05-29, 18:33)wrxtasy Wrote: I believe the C2 does output 32bpp Color, so updated the Kernel today including this interesting patch:

I not sure but the color ouput may look more saturated.
Went delving into Koying's old 3D MVC Archives today and plugged that in as well, ISO's supported. Appears to be working when looking at the logs.
No 3D TV to test tho. Outputs as Top/Bottom, Half Resolution if I'm not mistaken.

Fixed up 3D scaling in 2160p mode as well.

MySQL users will be happy as an old Davilla aka MrMC aka Sly Ol' Fox patch went in to drag configuration in from the dark ages from using the advancedsettings.xml file to configuration using the much friendlier Kodi GUI (found under services). Smile


W. Smile

Thanks wrxtasy for the update! I just loaded this on right now and tried out Ant-Man but it didnt automatically switch my TV into 3D mode. Is there a certain setting I need to enable? Once again thanks for your help. The DTS-HD works perfect now too!

Can fully confirm MaDeMaNNs obervation regarding 3D MVC playback!

My general observation with any 3D file on Odroid C2:
Kodi switches to 3D playbackmode (if I set proper StereoHeaderNumber) but TV does not switch automatically. Same files on Raspberry Pi 2 let the tv switch automatically to correct 3D mode.
- Usual 3D H-SBS plays smoothly (although does not let switch tv automatically to 3D), but sometimes first 5 seconds of picture are black but sound plays fine.

My observations with 3D MVC (recent MVC build from wrxtasy) testfile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwxFVkl...ef=2&pli=1 :

- 3D Full MVC testfile with original (nonedited Header): Kodi menu does NOT switch into 3D mode. Picture is displayed as Top Bottom (so far so good!!, that means Odroid indeed distingueshes both eye-streams out of MVC) but frames jump somehow mostly... some seconds smooth playback, mostly jumping somehow.. hard to describe but have a look at my captured videos of the testing at the end of this post. Also TV does not switch to 3d by itself.
- 3D Full MVC testfile with edited header to 1 (means SBS): Kodi menu switches to 3D SBS, video is displayed as Top Bottom. The TV does not switch to 3D, so does not recognize kodis signal as 3D. But shows top bottom picture. Also frames jump as before
- 3D Full MVC testfile with edited header to 13 (should actually be MVC header I think): Kodi menu dies NOT switch to 3D mode. So the same as if no header is set. But top bottom is pictured and frames jump.
- 3D Full MVC testfile with edited header to 3 (means TAB): Kodi menu switches correctly to TAB mode and Video is in TAB (as always in these test). Frames jump also and tv does not switch automatically to 3D.

Summary for Odroid:
*It does indeed play 3D Full MVC files, but with jumping frames and I am not sure which resultion the output is finally. If I check my TVs Info, it displays 1080p24. But this is also the same with H-SBS and H-TAB files, because they have actually 1080 lines, which are seperated into 2 pictures (540 lines per eye). When I look at the picture I think the resolution is not full but half.
*Kodi somehow does not pass the 3D signal to my TV, so I have to switch manually to the particular 3D mode (TAB / SBS)
*MVC or 3D label in filename and also the headersetting seems to be NOT necessary for Odroid to display it correctly as TAB! (on my raspberry I still have OpenELEC 6, there it is just displaying 2D if not flagged in Header)
(*Comparison to Raspberry: There it is swithing TV automatically to correct 3D mode and also the Kodi menu. 3D MVC is playing smoothly.)
* Have a look at the Videos below!

3D MVC Test capture on Odroid C2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5aoz7o2qinr5mc...2.mp4?dl=0
3D MVC Test capture on Raspberry Pi2 [OpenELEC 6] (for comparison how it should look like if MVC support works correctly): https://www.dropbox.com/s/zicumphg7lmv0o...2.mp4?dl=0
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