ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-08-02, 05:47)wrxtasy Wrote: Gotta love Open Source code sharing, devs. building on what has come before, so this is definitely worth mentioning here.

aNORes, has built upon my latest LibreELEC 7.1 / Kodi 16.1 edition and incorporated the latest set of Linux kernel driver modules for V4L-DVB devices to allow modern USB DVB tuners to be connected and work with the old v3.14 Linux Kernel in the C2.

Details and images for this found HERE

I can see Noggin lining up his army of USB DVB Tuners, ready to attack the C2 already Wink

Also expanded Linux driver Backports are now being actively look at using info found HERE

I got bored with waiting. Now run 9 DVB-T/T2 tuners on a dedicated server (small x86 box with GigE) using MuMuDVB to create simultaneous IPTV streams for every UK DTT multiplex, plus a Quad DVB-S2 SAT>IP receiver/server. No channel clashes for the DVB-T/T2 stuff howvere many channels I want to watch or record. These IPT/SAT>IP streams are then handled by a TV Headend running on an Ubuntu Server VM on an ESXi box, with SMB networked recording storage. Stopped plugging tuners directly into Raspberry Pis and C2s a couple of months ago. Much neater to do it on a VM - and it means my TV Headend stuff doesn't get disrupted by playing with new devices!

May give it a try on the C2 for old times sake...
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